2019 | Canada | English | Documentary | 102 min | 1080 p | 16:9 | Dolby 5.1 | Stereo


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Long Synopsis

“We are people of revolution. We’re here because others have rebelled. Because others have stood in solid resistance!” Listening to Angela, a Black lesbian feminist who is rousing a crowd, we understand that, no, this particular revolution wasn’t televised.  Rather, from out of the shadows, it was hugged, chanted, marched, and danced into existence. Our Dance of Revolution tells the story of how Black queer folks in Toronto faced every adversity, from invisibility to police brutality, and rose up to become a vibrant, triple-snap-fierce community. 

Capturing first-person accounts across a span of four decades, this feature-length documentary is more than a previously untold oral history, more than a reclamation of unsung people and events.  Our Dance of Revolution is a human-scale reckoning of how audacious individuals find themselves by finding others, and how they muster the courage, tenacity, and creativity to prevail against the forces of marginalization.

Short Synopsis

No, the revolution wasn’t televised.  But it was hugged, chanted, marched, and danced into existence. Our Dance of Revolution tells the story of how Black queer folks in Toronto faced every adversity, from invisibility to police brutality, and over a four-decade span rose up to become a vibrant, triple-snap-fierce community.

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Press Coverage

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As determined by audience ballot for the Rogers Audience Award for Best Canadian Documentary at Hot Docs, Our Dance of Revolution ranked #3!

Among all feature films at Hot Docs (Canadian & International), Our Dance of Revolution was voted #6!

“A poignant and deeply researched documentary about reclaiming power in Toronto’s LGBTQ community. By focusing on the work of Black queer activists towards equality, the film tells a critical story of the ongoing battle for racial justice within the LGBTQ movement –– and Canada at large.”

Special Mention by the Documentary Feature Jury at NewFest 2019 (New York’s LGBTQ Film Festival)

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AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD WINNER - Regent Park Film Festival - 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Massimadi Bruxelles 2020 - Africa and its Diasporas LGBT Film Festival
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